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pt_bullet P3pro (Precision Pulsed Plasma for Professional)





The P3pro is designed to be light and easy to cary, and it fits a regular briefcase.


  • Fundamental Frequency: to over 100,000 Hz
  • Light weight and compact dimensions suitable for easy transport and shipping
  • Auto switching power supply (110/220 VAC)
  • Status/Failsafe system with LED indicator
  • It includes a BNC port to connect to PFG (Precision Function Generator)
  • Plasma tube with proprietary gas mixture
  • Includes cables for power supply and PFG

Availability: Orders usually ships within 1 to 2 weeks. Ask for availability.

Price: not avaialble anymore. Check the new P3pro 2011 System.

Optionally different tube options are available at additional cost.

Warranty: Starting October 1st, 2011, all the products benefit from 3 years (36 months) limited warranty, which includes parts and labour. Free shipping on the first 90 days.

For more information and orders please see Contact page.

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